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The number of seniors living alone is increasing day by day, and many of them are still very active and vital. But what would happen if they fell down the stairs? How long would it take before someone notices? The last thing these seniors want to do is walk around with an alarm button; they don't feel old at all. They don't like cameras or sensors in their homes. The 'are you okay today' system offers a simple, innovative and inexpensive solution that enables the children to keep an eye on the senior, while they can simply live their own life, without buttons and without affecting their privacy.


'are you okay today' uses electric appliances that are already present in the house such as a kettle, television or smartphone. The system learns the normal daily usage pattern of these devices. Using an app that shows a traffic light (red, yellow or green), the son or daughter check whether there is a deviation in this pattern at any time and see whether everything is still okay, without affecting the privacy of the senior.


The only thing the senior needs is at least one smart device, such as Philips Hue , a smart plug or a smartphone. An alternative is a special device that can be installed on the electricity meter that measures energy consumption. The more smart devices are added, the faster the system can ring in the event of an incident.


The app itself is free. You do have to look after the smart devices yourself. If you don't have any yet, just buy one or more at the store. See the Smart Device Overview. There are currently no additional costs for using the "are you okay today" service.


The purpose of 'are you okay today' is to increase the sense of security of the elderly and to reduce the anxiety of the observers. A very relevant subject because...

THE STORY BEHIND 'are you okay today'...

The founder of "are you okay today" had a problem: he was worried about his father. Read the story of his daily usage of this solution...


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